Hiroshima International Peace Summit 2006 Joint Statement

November 2, 2006

We have gathered in Hiroshima to reinforce this city’s spirit of forgiveness and passion for peace in order to establish a nuclear-free world. In the face of the enormity of the devastation wrought on it by atomic catastrophe, the people of Hiroshima experienced the utter horror of war and sought a new solution, rebuilding a city that has become the world’s premiere center of dialogue for peace. We wish to draw attention to its message of forgiveness and non-revenge for all humankind. This, the actual place of pain of the world’s worst destructive weapon, is a dynamic source of inspiration for putting not one’s own nation, city, or group first, but for putting the global human community and the entire planet first. We affirm and call on all to consider that:

Destruction of your neighbor and even your enemy is destruction of yourself.

A crisis anywhere in health, education, human rights, care of children, or the environment has repercussions everywhere.

Therefore, acceptance of global responsibility and interdependence is essential both for your own well-being and for others’ benefit.

Since we are one family of sisters and brothers and one body of humanity, we must transform indifference to the pain of others—of children, of the infirm, and of the aged—into global concern. The problem starts with oneself, and so the solution also starts with oneself. All from childhood on need to learn that the power to transform the world resides in them.

Affirming the Message of Hiroshima:
Destroying another’s house destroys your own.
Repairing another’s house repairs your own.
Not your group, city, or nation first, but the world first.
Loyalty not just to your group, city, or nation but to all.
Care not just for your group, city, or nation but for all.
Education not just for your group, city, or nation but for all.
Compassion not just for your group, city, or nation but for all.
Forgiveness not just within your group, city, or nation but for all.
Cooperation not just in your group, city, or nation but with all.
Change begins in your heart.
Love for all.

Betty Williams, Northern Ireland (1976)
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa (1984)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet (1989)

And all the participants of the Hiroshima International Peace Summit 2006

The Proceedings of HIPS2006 is now avaliable as a digital texts. [Read the Proceedings]

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